Marketing Representative and Independent Contractor

$99.99 Introductory Offer Price!
(New Contracts Only(Retail Cost $379.99, Saving $280.00) Join Us Now!

(Shipping charges are not included in price)

- 16 BumpeFace Razor Bump Fighter Bars (4 oz. Bars, Travelers Bars or combination)
- 20 Free Samples BumpeFace Razor Bump Fighter Bars (1 oz bars)
- Free BumpeFace Polo Shirt (Free) ($25.00 additional Polo T)
- Free BumpeFace Bumper Stickers
- Free BumpeFace Sold Here Stickers
- Free Marketing Post Cards for customers and retailers
- BumpeFace Hat (Not Free)(Addtional cost of $15.00 for a BumpeFace Hat)

You get to Join BumpeFace, LLC (A New and Exciting Company)
Promotional opportunities based on Performance (Move into a top corporate position)

You must be registered with BumpeFace, LLC before placing order, please visit our Join Us page for additional information.

About bumpeface

Personal & Professional Shaving and Skin Care Products, helps eliminate Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs caused from shaving. Works excellent for both men & women.
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